Miglyphus / 100ml / 500


Parasitic wasp: Diglyphus isaea

Parasitic wasp: Diglyphus isaea

100 ml bottle, containing 500 adults

When to use Miglyphus?
Use Miglyphus for biological pest control of leaf miners in all larval stages, especially the second and third stage. Introduce the product at the first sign of pest presence. Miglyphus is recommended when leaf miner infection increases.

How does Miglyphus work?
Adult female parasitic wasps of Diglyphus isaea kill leaf-miner larvae in the mine and lay their eggs on them. The eggs develop into parasitic wasps inside the mine (but outside the leaf miner), using the dead larvae as food.

For more information, visit https://www.koppert.co.za/miglyphus/

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