The client confirms that the following terms and conditions were carefully read and fully understood:




  • The risk in the goods for damage or loss of whatsoever nature passes to the Client / Purchaser upon dispatch or delivery of the goods to the Purchaser by the Seller, whichever comes first;
  • The Client / Purchaser exempts and indemnifies Koppert SA, its agents, representatives and employees against all liability of whatsoever nature, arising directly or indirectly from the ordering, dispatch, delivery, use or handling of the goods.
  • The exemption and indemnity includes, but is not restricted to, any liability for direct and / or consequential loss or damage arising from theft or loss of the goods, damage to the goods, the failure to deliver or collect the goods timeously, use or misuse of the goods by the purchase or at all, whether any such liability, loss or damage is caused by or arises from breach of contract or negligence, on the part of Koppert SA, its officials or employees, or the use or misuse of the goods, negligence or otherwise by the Client / Purchaser or its’ employees.
  • Koppert SA will deliver the goods on the delivery date or within a reasonable time thereafter at the place of delivery indicated above. If, after having received a statement of account, the client fails, within 14 (fourteen) days after the date of such statement, to object to any amount or item appearing on the statement, the statement shall be deemed to be correct in all respect and the client shall thereafter not be entitled to query or dispute the correctness of any amount or item on such statement.
  • If, after having received delivery of goods, the client fails, before the end of 48 hours after receival of order, to object to any goods delivered, the goods shall be deemed to be correct in all respect and the client shall thereafter not be entitled to query or dispute the quality of such goods.
  • The client furthermore confirms that he /she continues to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Application of Credit Facilities.
  • The return or refunding of all hardware products (for example; pheromone / monitoring traps, Horiver cards or rollertraps) are prohibited, unless proof can be provided by the client / purchaser that the product was damaged or broken upon receival of the product.
  • The client / purchaser cannot exchange species specific pheromones for other species-specific pheromones if an identification mistake of the specific pheromone was made by the The client / purchaser cannot exchange species specific pheromones for other pheromones, if an identification mistake of the insect species was made by the client / purchaser. The pheromones as well as the V-Blocks are temperature sensitive products and Koppert SA cannot be assured of the manner in which they were stored.
  • The reselling of ANY Koppert products to a secondary person, friend or company other than the registered online buyer is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and legal actions can be taken if found guilty of this action.
  • If the client / purchaser received products or goods that is not up to his / her standards and would like to lodge a complaint, a complaint form should be completed and be sent to the relevant email supplied online within 48 hours after receival of the product / goods. Clear images / videos of the faulty products / goods should be added to the complaint email as evidence.
  • All macro biology products should be stored at the correct temperatures as indicated on the product label. Storage information of products can also be found on the website under general information of the relevant product.
  • All macro biology products should be used within 48 hours after receival.
  • All Koppert products with a shelf life should be stored as per the storing instructions given for the product. If these products are reported as faulty, Koppert may insist on a detailed report of the conditions in which these products were stored and act accordingly. 
  • If product quality is influenced because the client was not able to receive the package from the courier at the designated address provided by the Client / purchaser, Koppert will not be held accountable. 
  • Koppert products to be used on Cannabis is for medicinal uses only. 
  • The client hereby agrees to the terms and conditions above, which confirms that the purchaser has read and fully understood the terms and conditions mentioned above.